Happy birthday, Johnny Bananas :)


MTVRWNews: The Challenge (Season 23) News!


Filming for 23rd season of ‘The Challenge’ has commenced! 32 competitors have departed the country in hopes of winning the crown of challenge champion(s) and the money, of course! I’m not going to spoil which cast members will be appearing, but I am willing to give you a couple of facts:

  • A…

Who was cuter? Johanna with Kenny or Wes?

Evan Starkman :)

Evan, Paula, and Kenny

Anonymous asked:
Season 23 is gonna be the WORST FUCKING CHALLENGE EVER. No Kenny, Evan, or Johnny, or Paula, no amazing vets fucking tons of stupid whores. GOD FUCKING FUCK. -_-

Hahahahaha it might not be too bad, I’ll still watch. But yeah, I’m really disappointed that not a lot of old-timers are going to be in it! None of my favorites are going to be on this season :(

Anonymous asked:
What's your least favorite season?

Cutthroat! Definitely. I was so bored. I don’t know why because I liked the cast, but I could barely finish it.

What’s your favorite season?

Paula Walnuts and Mr. Beautiful!

Kenny after winning the Island!

Challenge 23 has officially begun!

For cast spoilers read here. If you do not want to be spoiled by the cast Do Not Click.


Which season had a better cast, Fresh Meat or Fresh Meat II?

There’s an American saying which is “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”, but there’s also an Asian saying that says “the duck that quacks gets shot”.
Adam, The Ruins

Kenny and Evan’s dogs!